How it works?

1. Create project

The first thing you need to do is to create a project. It is very simple and fast in our system. Simply fill in the name, url adress and the default language of the project.


2. Sending invitations

You have to assign translators to your project in order to translate your dictionaries. This is done through invitations, which must be approved by the user. Upon approval, the user is automatically assigned to the project as a translator. 

3. Uploading dictionaries

Nothing prevents you to upload your files dictionaries now. The system supports common files like *. YML and *. Po (gettext). Dictionaries can be uploaded at once in ZIP archives. The system will extract archives and create the directory structure. Also can upload translated  dictionaries in other languages!


4. Structure

You can see the structure of the dictionary project already. You might see the overall progress of translation as a percentage for each file. Translated dictionaries can be downloaded separately by language (flag icon), or whole archive at once.

5. Actual translation

Translation individual sentences of dictionaries is shown on this screenshot. On the main screen of the project is seen how many items are translated by each translator.